MindView 5 (Mac)

MindView 5 (Mac)
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Mac Mind Mapping Software for your Organization!

MindView Mac is a powerful mind mapping software that assists users in brainstorming, organizing and presenting ideas visually. MindView Mac has 6 interchangeable views including a Gantt Chart and Timeline, helping you turn ideas into action faster than ever before! With unique project management features and the industry’s best MS Office integration, MindView Mac is the leader in Mac mind mapping software.

Key Features:

  • Mac-Friendly Interface
  • Templates, Examples and Video Tutorial
  • Award Winning MS Office Integration
  • Optimized for Project Planning
  • Built-in Gantt Chart and Timeline
  • Collaboration Options

Mac Mind Mapping Software for Productivity

When it comes to Mac mind mapping software, you get what you pay for. Using MindView Mac as your mind mapping software brings you the power of 6 interchangeable views, the ability to take notes, attach files and add visuals to the branches. Combined with a streamlined Mac-friendly interface and the industry’s best Microsoft Office integration available for mind mapping software, MindView Mac guarantees a clear understanding of ideas and increases ROI for mind mapping users. Since the re-entering of data is no longer necessary, when compared to traditional brainstorming and whiteboard sessions, MindView Mac users are more productive from start to finish. With professionally designed Word and PowerPoint export templates, MindView Mac mind mapping software allows you to convert your mind map into a stunning presentation with the click of a mouse. Whether you are brainstorming topics, storyboarding presentations, enhancing meeting discussions or improving white board sessions, MindView Mac gives you the tools you need to get the job done right - the first time.

  • Export your mind map to Word, PowerPoint, Project, and more
  • Import from Word, PowerPoint, Project and more
  • Professional templates and styles available
  • Streamlined Mac-friendly interface

Mind Mapping Software for Project Management

Whether you are looking to optimize the initial planning stage or make Gantt Charts easier to overview, MindView is the right Mind Mapping Software for you! MindView allows you to brainstorm your project plan in a mind map or a work breakdown structure (WBS) and transfer the plan into our built-in Gantt Chart, Timeline or export to Microsoft Project.

  • Brainstorm your project plan in a mind map
  • Apply task information and resources
  • Built-in Gantt chart and project timeline
  • Integration to MS Project
  • Export and synchronize tasks with Outlook

Mac Mind Mapping Software for Collaboration

There’s no question that mind mapping is an effective means of stimulating team engagement, optimizing brainstorming sessions and communicating data. Try using MindView Mac mind mapping software in your next team meeting and see the improvement in productivity and overall effectiveness - guaranteed. Want to share your mind map with remote team members or clients? No problem, an intuitive pack-and-go feature ensures that all file attachments and data are stored within the MindView document, making it easy to email or archive MindView Mac projects. Don’t worry if people do not have MindView Mac, they can use the free MindView viewer to open your file.

  • “Pack and Go” to send mind maps with attached files embedded
  • Free viewer available to open and review mind map files
  • Improve meetings, team engagement and communication

MindView 5 (Mac)

Mac OS X 10.6 or later; 300 MB of disk space


Full installation (250 MB)

Export/Import to/from Microsoft® Word:

Microsoft Word is not required for export/import.

To view or edit exported documents:
Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, Microsoft Word 2000, XP or 2003 with Compatibility Pack, Microsoft WordPad for Windows 7, OpenOffice or other third party Office Open XML viewer/editor.

Export/Import to/from Microsoft® PowerPoint:

Microsoft Project from 2003 onwards required for export/import of native Microsoft Project files (.mpp format).

Microsoft Project not required for export/import to/from the Microsoft Project XML format.

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